All you need to know about the L&T Duffle Bag

Hey Guys! We thought it could be a great idea to break down the L&T Duffle bag for you so that you can use it to it's full potential and also help you decide whether or not this bag is a great fit! But we're pretty sure it is!

We designed this bag so that's it's easy to throw all you gym stuff but also keep it organized with the spacers inside. There's a total of 10 individuals compartments and fits 50L. There's plenty of space to fit everything you need!

What's great about this duffle is that it's also approved as a carry on bag. No need to pay for luggage anymore! You can choose to wear it either with the compression straps, the duffle bag strap or the sternum strap which is awesome when you travel.

No need to worry for it to get wet or dirty during your trip, the L&T Duffle bag has a water resistant construction that keeps your gear dry and secure in any climate and It's tough as nails.

Plus, there's plenty of velcro on the bag to put on your favorite patches and customize it as you want! Every duffle bag comes with a FILT50 PVC Velcro patch and a FILT50 carabiner for your keys and stuff.

Our friend Joel from @AsManyReviewsAsPossible recently did a review on our bags. Feel free to check it out to know everything there is to know about our L&T Duffle bag.

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