Lapointe's Atlas Wod

Shawn Sckoropad

March 19, 2020

Here's a quick inside story on how this took place. After a long & devasting Thursday setting up our booth at the Atlas Games, many people decided to go eat at the Gypsy bar downtown. 

After a few appetizers & some drinks, Paul Mccyntre (Carolyne Prevost coach) started talking to Cedric about a certain gymnastic workout. 3 rounds of the remaining 9 bar muscle-ups & 18 toes to bar. I was overhearing the conversation from the other side of the table and heard Cedric say ''I'm pretty sure I can do that whole thing unbroken!'' That's when I jumped in & said I want to see that. Why not go to Centre Claude Robillard first thing tomorrow morning & do it on the half set up rig before it gets disabled. We could film it & take some pictures! At least we will have some shots from the event. Everyone agreed that this would be nice to see. 

Friday morning, Ariane & I went out to get some bagels @ St-Viateur bagel (check them out seriously best bagels in Montreal) & off we went to take down our booth at CCR. Around 9:15 Cedric & Kim showed up to our booth. You will see in the pictures below, he was wearing a pair of scuffed-up white vans with no socks, bright orange shorts, a white tank & a black cap.


The first thing he said was ''are we doing this or what?!'' So Mikey, Nicoh & myself jumped up and got our cameras out, walked over to the rig to watch him do his thing. After a few minutes of warming up, he jumped on the bar & started his first round.

After 1 round & 8 bar muscle-ups, he got off the rig. The brand new rig didn't have much wear & tear to it so the bar was super slippery. In his typical competitive & winning attitude, Cedric mentioned he would try to complete the 3 rounds unbroken again at his home gym Crossfit 819 & post his result on social media.

Simply click on this link to follow Cedric on Instagram & see him get his redemption.

Until then enjoy these snapshots. :)