Frequently asked questions

Does the L&T Duffle bag is Carry-on?

Yes Standard Carry-on size is: 23cmX40cmX55cm L&T Duffle size is: 25cmX30cmX61cm Ultimately it is not exactly the same, but the global volume is smaller. We have been travelling since 2017 with this bag in cabin and we never had issues. By experience we suggest that women do not wear it as a backpack to avoid any questions.

Is there a Laptop compartment on the L&T Dufflebag?

Yes there is. Middle section is made for it. Including a safety strap so it doesn't move. You can chose to fold one section over it for protection or not.

What is my Neopren Weightlifting Belts Size?

See below picture for sizing chart:

How to size my Crikey Jump Rope?

There are numerous factors that influence what will be the optimal length jump rope for you including your turning mechanics, where you hold your hands, you workout objective (e.g., speed, double unders, tricks), the length of your arms, and the length of your jump rope handles, to name a few. Below are some guidelines to get you started. 1. Stand on the middle of the rope with one foot 2.Pull the handles straight up making sure the rope is taut. 3.For beginners, the top of the handles should reach close to the shoulder. 4.For experienced jumpers, the top of the handles should reach the armpit or below. 5.For double unders, the top of the handles should reach the nipple line. 6.If the handles extend beyond your shoulders, your rope needs to be shortened. 7.You can temporarily shorten many ropes by tying a knot below the handles. 8.You can permanently shorten a Punk Rope jump rope using the snap lock mechanism. 9.If in doubt, it’s better to get a rope that’s too long rather than too short.

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