Deka Atlas Event

Shawn Sckoropad

March 19, 2020

It's amazing to see how strong the community is during such hard times. it's always easier to go through hardships when you are supported. 

Thursday, March 12th, 2020 was not only a heartbreaking day for the Crossfit Altas Games committee, athletes & sponsors. It was & is much bigger than that, many small businesses, gym owners now felt this weight on their shoulders of uncertainty. The world economy was crumbling into pieces because of (COVID-19). The government, taking the necessary actions to prevent this Virus from spreading out large left us in the dust. Not knowing what tomorrow was going to bring. A week has gone by & the uncertainty is still weighing heavy on our shoulders. Gyms, hair salons, bars & many more had to close their doors until further notice.

But on this day, it was nice to see all of us come together & throw down. Forget what was happening for just a few hours & reconnect with ourselves, relieve some stress.

A special thank you to Sam Cournoyer for setting up the whole event via Instagram messenger within just a few hours after the Altas Games committee announced they had to postpone the event. Thanks for pushing our community forward.

Let's help our local gyms & business during these hard times, spread some love!


Enjoy guys.